I’m a Transoriented Man

This section of the website is intended to provide articles and opinions to assist transoriented men, that is, men who are attracted to transwomen, in their quest for a better self-understanding.

Our main focus here is to investigate and encourage successful long term relationships between transoriented (TO) men and transwomen (TW). For guys who are just looking for fun, there are forums out there to assist you. However, feel free read our ideas, opinions and testimonies regarding relationships. It’s my opinion, that if a man is attracted to transwomen, he’ll find the greatest satisfaction from a meaningful committed relationship and that such relationships are achievable, albeit often far from easy, as we’ll discuss.

It’s not all Mills & Boon here, but we are in desperate need of role models and success stories to encourage relationships, and good advice on how and where to find and nurture rewarding relationships.