The Origin of Trans-attracted

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After founding this website I became aware that some, particularly in the black trans community in the US had been using the term trans-attracted to describe those with an attraction for trans women. I like this term, it’s simple and self explanatory, certainly preferential to term like trans-fan, tranny-chaser and so on.

I recently learned a little of the history of the coining of the term trans-attracted and trans-attraction, which was thought up a few years ago. Below is the explanation, written by Akua Grant, as featured on the website .

History of The Term Trans-Attracted (Facebook May 3, 2010)

Does anyone here know the history of this group? Well if not let me run it down to ya’ll. In 07 I saw this group on yahoo called Bruhs Luv TS Sistas and its basic primes was getting black men men who dated and loved black transexuals to speak up and talk. It was not just about a meat market but encouraging trans-attracted men to interact with not only us but each other. Remove the shame and isolation that trans-attracted men have always had.

So then I was big in to Black Planet at the time and decided to bring the concept to BP. I was sick of not having one place for trans-women of African Ancestry and Black men that wasn’t all about sex and whoring. So I set up the group. It was slow at first until Ms Total Diva aka Erin Andrea Bonner joined. Then it really started to take off. We had men who were very respectful, out and unashamed participating for the first time in a 100% positive environment.

Well like all things BP got tired and we started a Ning group which grew to over 500 members and it was completely private. That is when we came came up with the term Trans-attracted and Trans-Attraction. It was an amazing site. There had never in life been a site like that. Well then Ning decided to be some assholes and start charging for their services.

It died out for a while, then I tried to recreate it here on facebook and that didn’t work. Then I felt that it was nessisary to take this concept and philosophy, of open discussion between men of a Trans-attracted Sexual orientation and we trans-women and themselves, world wide as this is not only  a Black Thang but a world thang. So then low and behold Facebook created this new group style and we are growing back as strong as we once were when we were BLTSS.

This is just a short history of the group. LOL This history is short the drama that jumped off sometimes. LOL Do you know I had to put roots on a bitch. LOL. No don’t let me go there.

I am pleased as punch to see that we have members from New Zealand and Europe and hopefully from more countries to join our group. This is a group that holds men responsible for their behavior etc because they have other men here to pull them up on their shit, while we have us sisters to pull each other on ours. So With that said I hope everyone can appreciate the purpose of this group. Education is essential for all of us not just the women if we want to ever have real and meaningful relationships and a presence in the world as strong as our non-trans hetero and gay brothers and sisters.

Love Kindly Akua Grant, original founder 2007.

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11 Comments to “The Origin of Trans-attracted”

  1. Akua Rising says:

    Thanks so much for reposting.

  2. Douglass says:

    I just want to say I wish this type of support mechanism was in place when I was a teenager and even in my twenties. I knew young I was attracted but not gay in that I had not attraction to men. I didn’t understand and thought I was gay and even attempted to engage men in that manner much to the regret of myself and couple of guys I just couldn’t get into or actually puked on. I’m not kidding about the puking and that was why I determined I was not gay and attracted to the male being. I was always attracted to the beauty of femininity, but had no desire of my own to be a girl. I loved girls, and ladies, and women because I always felt a natural opposite experience with them. But, with Trans women, I felt natural, at home so to speak. There was no forums, or internet, or support groups for guys like me and the only place to meet Trans women was at gay clubs which I never felt comfortable in. I just wanted to share a bit, but mostly say how glad I am this is in place for the young men coming up behind. It basically is about humans being being just human and letting others do the same. I am brought to tears this exist because I never thought it would happen in my life time.


    • Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and appreciation Douglass! That’s exactly why I started this site, as a way to help transoriented people, and those who know them, to understand and accept us.

    • Scot says:

      Wow. It is as if I just wrote this about being TransOriented in the past, without having the words for it. I could hook up in the bar scene, when I was younger, but was happier the one time I met a TW in a Metropolitan Life church. I did not live in that town, so was not able to follow up with her…Thank God for marriage equality being the law of the land. Now I can look forward to a Real Marriage anywhere in America. Now, where is She who could be married to me???

  3. Randy says:

    I am so glad to have found this site.
    I have been in long term relationships with trans-women and
    it’s a relief to get some supportt

  4. aldo says:

    Why am i attracted to trans women? Thats the question i want to ask. In my case i do consider my attraction ,atleast in large part, a fetish. Im quite attracted to normal women and do have a desire to be with them but theres something in me that craves the unnatural,the taboo,the juxtaposed. The contrasting factors of an undenaiable female form and male genetalia(of which im not attracted to on it own) makes something in my head react and feel very strong sexual stimulation. At first(and still sometimes) i felt ashamed but now ive just gotten used to it being part of what constitutes my sexual desires.i appreciate this site because it makes me feel less marginalized.

    • Scot says:

      For myself, why, is pretty clear, after a lifetime of soul searching, and spiritual healing: When I was 10 years old, my adopted cousins Debbie, David, and i played strip poker; when I saw Debbie completely naked, and on display for me to see, to have, I was forever imprinted. She was a mature woman of 14…she gave me her world of horse riding, care, and openness to me, that possessed me to this day. She did not let me touch her that year, that summer of 1964. My cousin David and I DID play doctor, quite extensively, without consummation. Later there was an opportunity to consummate with Debbie, and I did not read the signs right, and that was another summer missed. Life got busy, and I did not see her, or them again. Debbie died from MS in just a short year, and left me alone. David was a good cousin, just our family had addiction issues that got in the way of harmonious contact, so no more David, either. I have made do all my life, with all sorts of connections to all sorts of people, while practicing serial monogamy, with wives as regular women. At the moment, i feel lonely enough to seek intense sexual release with a TW, or someone nearly like that. i could have sex right now with at least two different regular women. Just need to be honest about my need to merge more completely, lastingly. If I had the money? right now, at nearly midnight, I would totally pay to go anywhere, anytime, to be with even a paid friend TW. Get on a plane, drive, whatever it took to have a taste of happiness again.

  5. Xavier says:

    What is the name of the new Facebook group that replaced BLTSS?

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