Nina Arsenault Lecture on Transoriented Men

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Articles about TO Men, Videos

We don’t see the entire lecture, so no doubt this lecture doesn’t cover all aspects of Nina’s thoughts on transoriented men, but she does make a few interesting points.

She mentions that transoriented men aren’t open and don’t have organizations that are represented in the LGBTQI circles. That one day may change I hope.

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  1. brent johnson says:

    for one the LGBT seems to be so oriented toward gay men sex!!,i,m engaged to a as she tryies to remind me is a ts woman,we have since let that go,i can only point out that many adopted children say you are my genectic mother but she is my mom!! hope you got my point,if not my fiance is more woman than i have ever met in my life!! we make love and love each other , not fuck,or each other over,I am simply in love with the most wonderfull woman i have ever met,yes in the future she with my love and support plan to correct the biological mistake.not sure why i,m writing this,other than not liking being labled as tv td tx to ect! when i am also filing for our k1 visa,fiance,for her to come here,no help from LGBT,only lawers with a price,so yes T O are left to fend for our selves

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