My Trans Woman Friend by Jessica Ann Mancao Magno

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My Trans Woman Friend by Jessica Ann Mancao Magno

by Thad Adri Pangilinan on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 8:18pm

A note below is written by a good friend of mine, a non-trans woman, Jamm (Jessica). It was a lazy and a bit sad Tuesday night when we went for a movie, then hung out in her condo for more girl talk. Checking facebook and settled in a big office armchair, Jamm called my name and showed me her new cutesy two-piece swimsuit for her surfing adventures. We talked about bodies and women’s physique when she suddenly uttered some words of curiosity that inspired me to again, change the world– one person at a time. Here’s her note:

She is a woman, she will be celebrated as one.

She sits poised ready for battle, shoulders relaxed, eyes focused, she waves her hand to signal her point. Speaks softly, playfully tosses her hair back and bats her eyelashes.

Without a doubt this was a conversation between two women and a whole lot of acceptance in the middle.

If we learn to accept all that is good, then that is humanity- Thad Adri

I met her 5 years ago, on a Wednesday 15th of June 2005. And we have been friends since, but what is so special about my girl friend is that she is a TRANS WOMAN. And she’s proud of it.

I learned that we are taught one great word, We LOVE. some may think of it as one thing, and some abuse it, some take it seriously, and some kill for it. But THAD basks in it. She struts in all her womanhood. It is in the heart she says and I could not agree more.

Sometimes we tend to judge people differently especially when we’ve made up our mind about them. We focus on what they are doing wrong, as supposed to what they are doing right. We sit with our minds occupied with senseless things we think we fully understand, then I stumble upon this, a foreign idea to me until tonight. The wondrous world of a trans woman.

I was born this way, but I have always known I was a woman. Thad looks at me and says this without batting an eyelash. Transgenderism is an umbrella term, an advocacy for a voice that will soon resonate all over the world. I applaud her. It takes strength to fight for something, And she sure has enough drive in her to make people listen.

The conversation was a mix of questions and answers that turned to new ideas, to new things I learn about the people around me, but most of all I opened my eyes to human diversity.

It was a conversation between women.

Empowerment was now in the middle.

And they’re about to rule the world.

Watch out baby, She packs a punch. with great hair and an inside smile that’ll make you think she knows something you don’t.

Viva Thad! you and everyone like you. Women after my own heart.

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  1. jackiecrawford says:

    Very well done. I love it . It,s in your heart it,s alway,s been their i new it when i was a child i new i was a women and when you go out side with your head held up hight and every one see you they no that you are one with your self and you know who you are now thats a women.

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