First Survey of Transoriented Men Since 1993 has Started!

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The prestigious North Western University in Chicago, Illanois is conducting a detailed survey or transoriented men, or what they call men with gynandromorphophilia or men who have a sexual attraction to she-males or transwomen.

They’ve asked us to try to find members to participate, so, if you’re a transoriented man visiting this site or you’re a transwoman with some male friends who like transwomen, then please ask them to fill out the survey which is here:

(Link is now removed as the survey has been completed with over 400 full questionnaires collected. Thanks for those who did the survey. I look forward to the results.) 

No studies have been conducted since 1993 and I think a new generation of transoriented men have found themselves since the internet changed the way of things, so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the type of men who are attracted to transwomen.

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15 Comments to “First Survey of Transoriented Men Since 1993 has Started!”

  1. NELSON says:



  2. Jane says:

    Interesting! I’m looking forward that issue specifically.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    The term she-male is offensive.

  4. carlb says:

    “One recent exception to this rule was a paper out of Northwestern University in which researchers recruited 205 men with a sexual interest in trans women for an online survey and found that 51 percent identified as straight, 41 percent called themselves bisexual and a piddling six men ID’d as gay. Kevin Hsu, one of the study’s researchers, says this “contrasts with one popular misconception that men who have an interest in trans women must be gay men, or closeted gays”.” October 23, 2011 | reprinted from

    Any chance that this is the same survey?

  5. Justin Dahood says:

    Thesurvey says taht you need a number to participate but there’s no link to how to get the participant number.

    wTF ?

  6. Mac says:

    Sorry, being transattracted is not a ‘paraphilia’ (and the term these ‘researchers’ use to describe it clearly shows that that is how they perceive it) but a completely natural part of a range of human behaviour, just as transgenderism itself is, and that has now been removed from the list of mental disorders in more enlightened nations such as France. Since Ray Blanchard we have had to suffer the intrusion of quacks and their specious theories, every one trying to tell us that TS/TGs are somehow mentally ill and that the men who are attracted to them also are. Well, they’re not and we’re not either, and it’s about time to cry ‘halt’ to this nonsense.

    • Admin says:

      I agree Mac, but I think there’s value in letting people see all sides of arguments that are out there. In a way, I hoped promoting the survey on this site would help them encounter truly transoriented men, rather than gay and trans community members of Chicago that seem to me to be the types that are into experimentation amongst one particular crowd rather than a good sampling of men with an attrcation for transwomen.

  7. Mac says:

    Hi Admin Yeah I know where you are coming fromand I support you. In fact the whole medicalisation of gender ID and sexual attraction is undergoing a sea-change at the moment. The situation in the US has been particularly bad because of a small group of academic theorists centred round Ken Zucker, who was placed in a lead role in theis category for the revision of the DSM-V. However Zucker and his fellow travellers have been kinda out flanked. The British Psychological Society last year issued a 26-page rebuttal of contiinued attempts to classify sexual preference and gender ID as illnesses, and basically the UK has opted out of the DSM in this area. France this year declassified transsexualism–it is now a physical problem not a mental one. Other European countries seem likely to follow suit and the WHO’s diagnostic Manual, the IC-10 is likely to reflect this when it appears in 2015. The APA is in danger of losing its world lead position in global terms because of Zucker’s group and their outdated and plain old untrue positions, which they are not gonna be happy about

    Also a disorder is meant to negatively impact your life, and transattraction has no negative consequences that I can see…its continued definition as a paraphilia is both insulting and inaccurate.

  8. Nick says:

    Talk about a late comer, well, thats me. As i mentioned in a comment on another article, it wasn’t until I slipped into the port of TS/TD/CD that I found my sexual/gender harbor. I am a transoriented man, here in Upstate New York. I am so happy, liberated, to proudly proclaim my orientation. Since this discovery I have sought out relationships (not sexual oddities) with transsexual women. I am happy, if not cautious, to say that I have developed a serious relationship. I am planning to visit her in 2014. From there? We will both discover much.

    Nick Clark

    • Scot says:

      I just turned 61, am relieved to find this site. Since 1964 I have worked to integrate my experiences with my cousins Debbie and David.
      Have been married to a series of women for about 40 years. I need one person to relate to that feels like the Debbie/David combo…hope you have all possible success.

  9. Jessica says:

    I’ve no idea if anyone will read this, but…does anyone know where I can access the results of this study? I’ve been looking and have had no success.

    Thank you.

  10. Scot says:

    I just found this site. Transoriented sounds so much better than most alternatives. Since 1964 I have been wandering around the world of gender orientation…
    What a relief!!

  11. John Thomas says:

    I just discovered this survey link after doing a search for gender related studies. I realize this was posted five years ago but wanted to echo some of Mac’s comments above.

    As a therapist, I’m surprised that any accredited university would advertise for a survey that pathologies both transgender people (i.e., “she-males”), and people attracted to them as having a paraphilia (I.e., “fetish.”)

    My hope is that this was some student project that was (hopefully) flagged by a supervisor and did not reflect actual attitudes and thinking regarding transgender people and those who are attracted to them.

    If this survey was completed and published anywhere, I’d appreciate if anyone would send me the link. NO current, credible research about transgender people would reflect the language or bias of this survey.

    The DSM-5 updated “Gender Identity Disorder” to “Gender Dysphoria.” Although this still labels transgender people with a mental illness, it’s reflects the reforms that are taking place now.

    The ICD-11 Beta draft has officially depathologized gender identity with their new non-diagnostic classification “Gender Incongruence.”

    See also the Standards of Care version 7 ( which makes a clear statement that gender nonconformity is not pathological.

    John Thomas, MA
    Resident in Counseling

  12. Herman says:

    Hi, I feel I am in a bit of a predicament here. I’m not writing this to gain validation or acceptance, I merely want to be a part of the study as I feel it is important for the sake of inclusivity. My case is this… I only recently became aware of the fact that I’m attracted to post-operative transgendered women (male to female). The attraction is very strong and I feel I have to do something about it. I’ve been mostly gay my entire life and prefer masculine active men (me being a bit more feminine & passive). I’ve recently also been made aware of the fact that most men who are interested in trans women identify as being straight, which puts me in the minority (I guess). I read up quite a bit about sexual orientation, sexual identity & gender identity. My sexual orientation is GAY, My gender identity is MALE, but I’m confused as to my sexual identity, since I am attracted to complete opposites on the scale. (On the one hand masculine guys, on the other hand feminine trans girls). I am not comfortable identifying as being BISEXUAL since I am not attracted to cisgender women. I’m also not sexually attracted to pre-op transgender women or cross-dressers or drag queens. Through my research I have not yet found anything even remotely related to this or any other people that fit into the same “mould”. I would be most interested in the findings of your survey as I have been wanting to complete the survey myself.

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