Friend & Family Section

So you know a man that is interested in or in a relationship with a transwoman? This section of the site is here to help answer the many questions you must have.

It can be very difficult for a transoriented man to have to explain his attraction and his relationship, not just because people generally know little about it, but because he may not fully understand it yet himself. All he knows, is it is what makes him happy, it’s where his feelings and desires find a point of satisfaction. A satisfaction that has likely alluded him in traditional relationships.

We will also invite articles from friends and family members who have experiences with relationships between transoriented men and transwomen.

Part of understanding transoriented men requires that you have a better understanding of transwomen, so we will be adding links to articles in this section that will help you understand transwomen and their humanity.

Some articles that you may find useful in understanding transoriented men and the transwomen they love:

Description of Transoriented Guys

It Just Fits Me – Why I Love Transwomen