A Loving Couple Share their Story

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I never had bad luck with dates or flings, especially with the kinds of men who look good on paper. There was the corporate lawyer. The investment banker. The diplomat. The doctor. The congressional aide. Even when I was out traveling for work, I often had drinks or dinner plans with a guy.

Yet my trysts with these men never led to anything meaningful. There were similar interests, physical chemistry and a mutual desire to see each other again, But I often never got past the first few dates because of my gender identity. These successful, desirable bachelors on top of the world were terrified to go any further with a transgender woman like me. They were fearful of anyone questioning their masculinity. They were also shaken by the thought of anyone doubting their sexual orientation as anything but straight.

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You can learn more about Andy and Drew at their website www.IamLoveworthy.com


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